Sunday, 6 March 2011

Over a month? it doesn't seem like that!

Afternoon all.
Firstly a quick apology, as the title says we can't believe it has been that bloody long!

So I am going to do two blogs in very quick succession, just to spread things out!

Both of us have started new jobs, so we have had little time to get out and about, and when we have had time, we haven't had the follow up time to write one of these little blighters!

This blog and the next one is going to be a mix of the things we have done since the last one, makes sense I guess doesn't it?

We don't half have some delights to share anyway...

Lets start with Worsborough/Wuzzbura.

taking our normal approach route to the reservoir, the first thing we could hear ( after Sam turned the radio 4 shipping forecast off in the car) was one of our favourites, the Great Spotted Woodpecker, always a lovely thing to hear, and if you are lucky very nice to see. If you look at some of our associated links on the right of the page,  British garden birds website, for example, you will be able to learn the calls, and help identify birds without even seeing them! clever ey?

Other than the normal Malard's Coot's and Canada geese, we spotted two sleeping beauties, and by that we mean two Pochard, blissfully tucking their heads in, staying just out of shot of a decent photograph!

Walking round the reservoir,  our favourite Cornish pasty pinchers, Gulls, were very abundant. You will see an awful lot more gulls inland at this time of year, roosting in HUGE numbers on lakes, You may even be lucky enough to see a Mediterranean Gull, a bird many bird watchers will get very smug about if they see one.

The walk around again was full of the usual suspects we see, members of the Tit family, Songbirds, sparrows and Great Crested Grebes....OH WAIT! We haven't mentioned these yet have we?

This was Sam's first time of seeing this bird, and even though I have seen them before, well I still get as giddy as the first time I saw them.
And not only did we see them, we actually saw them doing the 'dance'(link provided to what this is), a truly astonishing site, even documented in some very popular wildlife programs.
And to add to that, we saw them nest building too! think it was our lucky day wasn't it?
The Great Crested Grebe is the reason the RSPB started, back in the olden days, when they used old money and everyone called each other sir or madam, people used these birds for fashion, wearing FULL birds on hats and the like. One lady got a bit fed up of it, so set up the RSPB to protect these birds. For a more in-depth read on this, our friend wikipedia or the RSPB site will whet your appetite!

The biggest highlight of my day, Jam, had to be the staking out of a little furry critter, a Weasel.

I have only seen one of these in the wild before, and to manage to get a photo(on the new camera we have as  play thing!) was such a joy. I was actually pinching myself when I looked back at the photo!

and we thought that was it......

Just as we were trudging towards the carp park, a lovely male Barn Owl was hunting in the fields beside us, all we needed was a lottery win, or a Sheffield Wednesday win to make the day perfect!

Over and out for the time being.

Hope you enjoy the read
Jam and Sam x

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  1. Thanks for the comment. Yep it was me - I remember seeing you. I'll link your blog on my blog too. Happy hunting!