Monday, 2 May 2011

Now where do we start?

Again, apologies for the lack of bloggage, we have been trying to get round to posting one, yet we have no excuse why we haven't posted one, so I digress.

We will start with our trip to Bempton cliffs.
Me and Sam decided we needed a few days away from things, as we can't really afford a 'proper' holiday, due to us saving up for the wedding. So Sam came up with the fab idea of a few days away on the east coast, stopping in Bridlington, in the same flaming hotel as Noddy Holder! I wanted him to shout "IIIITTTTSSS BRRREEEEAKKKFFAASST" but he looked to busy eating his fry up. Anyway back to the wildlife.

Bempton Cliffs is a amazing coastal RSPB reserve, with some amazing viewing points, and some good spring migrants to see, if you are as lucky as we were.

We ain't used to seabirds where we live, so it was something different, and something fantastic, to be truthful.

So Species which were abundant were RazorbillGuillemot, Kittiwake, and not to mention our personal loveable smelly rogue, Gannet.
They say over 200,000 birds congregate on the east coast cliffs, and they all fight for every little inch of cliff, nesting together, in some sort of harmony.

Walking back along the cliff towards the visitor centre, we saw a flash of Yellow fly past our eyes. We both picked out this stunning bird, sat aloft on some brush near the cliff side. It was a golden Oriole, yes, a GOLDEN ORIOLE! how we gasped.
We were about two seconds away from getting a photo, but sadly it flew off.
The RSPB warden we reported it to said it could have been a first for that site, so we class ourself as some some of godfathers for migrating birds, kind of?

So after that amazing viewing, which I am still shocked at now, within 30 minutes we then picked at hoopoe(me, Jam, its my favourite bird) THEN a red backed Shrike, THEN two grasshopper warblers.

Grasshopper Warblers are known for the noise they make, it is called "reeling". Have a listen on the RSPB website and you will soon hear why!

I am trying to make this blog shorter than originally planned, so I have still the close memories of what I will talk about in the next blog to hand!

SO I hope you enjoy the read
all the best
Jam and Sam x


  1. I did enjoy seeing wildlife. I'm always love on a oban wildlife trips. They can give you satisfaction.

  2. Flippin heck you certainly bagged a few rarities at Bempton - haven't been there for ages! No mention of Fulmers or Puffins though. It must have been summer time seeing has you saw Grasshopper warbler so I was wondering why none of the above?